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One day there was a bird
that couldnot stop singing
an every Body loved her
her name was Tweedy bird
an her friend was named
holly an They lived To gether
an They were happy an they
lived happy ever after.

I used to be an
upside down cake
But now I’m all ate up
            KAREn Ann

If I were a rose
I would be a red rose
a rose at the top of a red bush.

Devils Mountain

We went and hike
When we went on the
hike we fell into a pit
Doug, Neil, Jon, David, Jef, Harry,
Ethan, all of us were
surrounded by sausages
of 10098   We made a big bomb
fire and cooked the sausages
until our hearts were content

Marshall Dill Pickle went into the saloon and ordered an ice cream and when he got the ice cream he gave it right back right in the nose and he walked out.  Later he walked back in and ordered a beer and then some men playing poker had a argument and then one of the men shot one of the other men and then Marshall Dill Pickle shot the other man and then spilled the rest of his beer on the man.
            Russell Calhoon

I had a castle with
ladies With pretty
dresses.  The castle
exploded.  Everyone
was frightened.  So they
build a new castle.

A JAGUAR And he Liked
to eat and soon he had
eaten all the Animals

I wish I were myself
I wish I were a horse
I wish I were a dog
I wish it was lunch time ‘cause
    I’m hungry
I wish I were a aaaaachoooo (sneeze)
        by Holly A.  Nicky  Lisa  Jessica

There was an Island
and There was a
Princess and the Island
was hers and she ruled
the Island and she
ruled the Kingdom
very funny because
she had lovers and she
kissed and fucked them

My mice
I had two mice and then I
had 5 mice and then I had
16 mice.
            Kevin Parker

When I went to Mexico
I went swimming in
the ocean.  I did 3

the day mava blew up

    one day on the island of java a ship left for the island mava.  our captain brought our ship to port.  that night while the crew were sleeping while I was on watch I saw off bow a flash of light Then I gave a blast on the siren. The men ran to the deck.  One man fell overboard before we could catch him  He was sucked into the roaring flames  Suddenly the flames died down.  we could not see the man  We steamed ahead  As the fog cleared we saw the island Mava.
    As we came closer the island exploded.  Great Balls of Fire came crashing down.  The deck burst into flames.
    As the flames roared higher suddenly the bridge gave way.  I shouted, “Look out Jay.”  I pushed Jay aside just as the bridge gave way.  Captain Bovard was crushed under the flaming mass.  Before we could stop the flames they reached the back of the ship.  The engine room burst into flames.  Then the whole back end of the ship was destroyed and our supplies were destroyed.
    Five minutes later all of the sleeping quarters were destroyed except for the captains and my own.  As I ran past I heard a loud banging noise.  I pulled the door open.  I saw Dave.  I pulled him out on deck.  We ran back to Jay.  David and I threw the life boat off deck.  Then I got into the boat.  Then Dave helped Jay down to the boat.
    Four days later we saw the Captain.  I dove in and swam out and pulled him in.  Just as I pulled ihm in I noticed we had stopped moving.  Dave dove in.  When he swam up I called Dave, “Help the Cap up and push off the boat.  I’ll catch up with you later.”  That night I saw a ship, I shouted, “Help!!”  As I came closer they dropped a rope and pulled me up.  That morning they sent two rescue helicopters and picked up Jay, Dave and Doug.
            by Jon Sage

A Trip To The Future

    The year 1999.  The month Nov. 18th.  Secret service decide to send four men to the year 2099.  The men were Capt. Mike Karakesk, Lieut. George Newly, Sarg. Dan Wilson, Priv. Dwane Smallen.  When our space ship launched we heard a rattle.  After 19 years of work it finally is Having trouble.  Mike commented that we checked a rescue ship.  We landed some where in Utah.  There was no city, no city, no people.  All there was was huge humps above the ground.  It was very strange for this.  There might have been a war that demolished all of the continent.  Dwane commented that there might be People under the ground and the humps might be entrances.
    We started to drill.  Suddenly one of the landing rods broke.  Mike ordered that we call a rescue ship but the radio had broken.
    Back in the year 1999 people were getting worried.  A rescue ship was called out.  Colonel David Wilson went.  Suddenly there was a huge explosion in the mountains.  I boarded Mobile 1.  Dan and Dwane were the only ones there.  I relieved Dan of command.  I found out that Mike and George were under the ground.  I knew that I would need help.  And so I called a rescue ship.  Lieutenant Colonel Jon Sage, Major Jay Roberts, Captain Jef Roberts, Science Officer Robert Henley, Lieutenant Mike Daginbok, Sargeant Jef Daginbok went.
    “O.K. you guys let’s get to work.  Robert!  Jef!  Set up sensor reading.  Dan! Jef! and Dwane! get into the elevator.  Mike! Jon! Jay!  Get that hose, put it in that hole.  Dave! there are life forms all over the place.  The fire is out.  Get! in that elevator.  Start those engines.  Let that elevator down.  We are in a shaft of some sort.  It looks like an explosion was here.  There is a tunnel in here.  Dwane was right, the fire is here.  What can we do?  Put it out!  Oh yeah.
    Meanwhile in the hall the people from the future were drilling.
    “Come on get in here.”
    “Come on.”
George – “Let’s get out of here.”  Meanwhile on the surface Dave and the others were captured.  We were put in a jail cell, but we got away.
    Then it happened the floor caved in under Robert Henley’s feet.  Then Lietuenant Colonel Jon Sage went down to see.  He was alright.  He got out in time but Robert was crushed.  It was 1 down and 9 to go.  Robert Henley was dead.
    We ran through the burning hall.  Then guards shot Jef Roberts with phasers.
    Then we got out.  We brought the elevator up, then a radio call came that General Still was dead.
            David Wilson

Hickle claims to have found the
That for once and for all will end
    water pollution
His answer will clean up all
    offshore spilling
His answer is this:
    experimental drilling
            Debbie C.

I saw a mad scientist.  He had all kinds of strange and cukey ideas.  One was hafe computer and hafe Bat and another had 4 eyes.  But one day a monster and he was a mushroom freak he Loved mushrooms and he laught me what kind of mushrooms were good and were bad.  One day he found a big Balites.  The Balites came alive.  The mushroom freak Said “I’ll get you for This!” so he made a mechanical girl Shanterel and they would fall in Love and then he would kill the Balites and the mushroom freak would keep the Shanterel and have little Balites Shanterels.  But one day Balites and Shanterel went on a mushroom hunt and the Shanterel saw sporases with a gun stuck in it.  She remembered her mate.

It was easter morning and it snowed, and when we got back to new york it was snowing there too.  We went on a train and we couldn’t find a taxi, but we found one.  The driver was eating his dinner on a lonely street.  When he finally finished his dinner, he drove us home.  He was very very very very very funny.  Finally we got home and we went to bed.  In the morning we got up and Sue went to work and my daddy took me to the airplane.  We hadn’t had breakfast yet so we had breakfast.  Then my daddy took me to the airplane.
            Jamee Younger

When We Went on
the camping trip
it was Fun and we
heard doug tell a story
it was about big foot and
ojos negros and the abe child

The first for breakfast
we had eggs and potatoes.
for lunch we put out bread
and peanut butter and
jelly and tunna fish for
us to make your own
sandwiches.  We did that
every Day    that night
we had stew, the next night
we had spagetty    the end
            by Lauril f

The Trip To The Future World

A Ship That Went To The Future.  Captain Trevor Cralle.
    It was 4 minutes till take off time.  Crash  Boom  Bang  There was a Sonic Boom.  The Ship took off.  The Ship was Lost.  The Captain Jumped onto the Ceiling, his Men fell down on the floor.  The Captain Turned around and saw his men and he Jumped down.  The Captain saw that his men were unConSCious.  Suddenly, There was as solid crack.  Captain Trevor Cralle opened the hatch.  He had never Seen anything Look Loke it before.  He got out and Looked around.  He Saw huge Craters That Were 1000 feet deep.  He tried To Walk Them up.  Suddenly He realized That The men were gone.  He Turned around, He Saw A men.  He Saw That The man Was Dead.  He ran up The Steps.  He Saw a Huge hill, Big building on The hill he ran up The hill.  He Saw no way to get in.  He Went Back To The Ship To get a Torch.
To Be Continued
            by Trevor Cralle

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