Pinel Stories

my dog was a nice doggie
he jumps with joy
He's curly one year old
my dog likes to go swimming

one day a girl flew
to a cloud and She
saw a million angels and
She wanted to Be a
angel and so She was a

Once upon a time a man dared to go to war.  And the government said that he had to go to war.  The government sent an army and then it made a big big war in the whole city.  Everyone got killed except that man.  Everyone wonders where he was even when they were dead.  A flaming arrow went always to keep the way of the tree of life.  Then the man was everywhere and the ghostly matter went all around the world and city.  This was in the civil war in 1968.  1968 was a long time ago.

Marshall Dill Pickle went into the Saloon and ordered an ice cream.  Then went out of the Saloon and he squashed the ice cream in a man's nose.

My kitten! gets into everything including my dolly.

When we went to Salmon Creek it rained so the second day we went to the beach and that was fun.

Hide and Seek
You're not supposed to go to my house.

I went to inverness and took pictures and I ran out of film.  But I still had more film.  I was going to take pictures of mushrooms but I forgot my camera.

One day a orange kitten walked in my house and we had to put the kitten out and the kitten waited to come in again and we let the kitten into my house and we walked around to find the kitten's house and we found the kitten's house.

If I had 3 wishes I would have
hot wheels
Johnny Lightning

If I had three wishes
I would have a big gold nugget
and a pretty dress
and a pool.

When I grow up I am going to the moon.

3 wishes
1.  $1,000
2.  a horsie
3.  a guinea pig

One day there was a little girl.  The little girl was very little.  And she loved her mother.  Her mother loved her too.  Once a big big witch came in with a big pimple on her nose.  She was her friend.

There was pots the pots were pottery
There was baskets
There was Indian dolls
There was necklace 
There was Indian statues.

The first rocket that went to the moon.  It seemed like Nathan and Trevor were traveling the speed of light but the rocket was really going toward the moon.  Nathan was an archeologist and Trevor was a scientist.
"Nathan turn on the ignition let's get out."
"O.K. Trevor."
"Hey Nathan I found a cave, let's explore it."
"Look, a cliff.  There's a little hole and there's another hole."
"I will go to the right."
"And I will go to the left."
"O.K. Let's go."
Then they saw a Giant Hela Monster.
"Quick.  Let's take that tunnel over there."
"There's another hela monster we're trapped."
"No we aren't.  Look up there, a hole."
"But there is no way we can get up there."
"O yes we can.  Look! up there is a way we can."
"Yeah.  Let's go.  Hey there is our space ship.  Let's go back to earth."

Nathan and Trevor were in a boat when a whirlpool took our boat down to the bottom of the ocean and it went 100 feet below ocean depth and our ship was crushed.  But me and Trevor swam to the surface of the water when a rescue boat rescued us.

A long time ago I went to the Berkeley hills and I caught 4 scorpions in a coffee can and I was looking for more when I came across a PACIFIC RATTLE SNAKE.  I was so surprised I almost screamed.  Then I went some where else and I dumped out the scorpions.  Then I went to the rattlesnake and put the can down and I pushed the rattlesnake into the can and I went to the place where I let the scorpions go and on my way I found a beer can and I put the can down and I pushed the scorpions in the can but there were only two left.  Then I went home.

The 5th Dimension

The year 1981.  Secret service decided to send four men to dimension 5.  The men were David Wilson, Jim Newly, Mike Daginbock, and George Newly.  We saw cavemen.  We caught one but he got away.  We didn't give up.  All of a sudden Mike collapsed.  Now we were really frightened.  We put Mike in the space ship.  We were tracking down the cave men.  All of a sudden a stampeding Herd of Mammoth.  We came to a mountain it was full of caves.  We started to climb the mountain.  We came to caves.  We saw the cave men.  We radio the space ship.  The space ship got there.  They dropped the cable.  We caught a cave man.  Now we started back.  On the way back Mike recovered.

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