About Pinel
(from a 1970's brochure)

Pinel was founded in 1962 by a group of teachers trying to find a better way to teach. By 1964 so many people felt that Pinel had succeeded that we were encouraged to buy the present site, plan and build buildings, and plant trees.

In the years since Pinel began, many people have made a choice about the quality of their children’s lives and education. Their children have learned the “three R’s.” They have been exposed to foreign languages, crafts, sports, science, music, animals, and spare time. They have had to face themselves in honest interactions with other people. They have found that school can be a rich, safe place to face the tasks and learn the skills necessary to get along in life.

Pinel is not based on any particular theory of education, but draws on several sources. We believe that children want to learn and, in a stimulating and unthreatening situation, will learn. We are committed to the idea that each student is an individual: a person who will learn best if not forced into some unnecessary category.

We are committed to the idea that each of us, pupil and teacher, has a personal responsibility for the quality of education and the community at Pinel. This emphasis gives children a unique opportunity to grow in self awareness and self confidence.

Pinel is not a parent co-op. It is not affiliated with any religious group. It is a non-profit corporation, operated in accordance with all state requirements.

Information about tuition and summer school available upon request.

Pinel hours are M-F 9: 00 A.M.-2: 30 P.M. Visitors are always welcome.

-- Pinel brochure, circa 1978

a small nongraded school

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